Top 8 Reasons for Loss of Libido in Women

Millions of women in the United States experience loss of libido at some point in life, for a number of reasons. Loss of libido in women can be very difficult to deal with, but understanding the driving factors behind a decrease in sex drive is the first step to working towards a solution. Below are a few reasons as to why women may experience decreased labido.

1. Stress Stress is a large cause for most loss of libido in women as well as men. During these tough economic times, stress induced sexual dysfunction has skyrocketed. Learning stress management techniques are key in combating loss of libido brought on by stress.

2. Relationship Problems Relationship issues are another killer of libido in women. Since women require more emotional closeness, any friction in a relationship can cause a significant loss of sex drive in women. Damage to intimacy caused by betrayal, stress, or trust can cause women to lose interest in sexual relations with their partners.

3. Moderate Alcohol Consumption Moderate alcohol consumption has been linked to improved cardiovascular condition, but it can be very harmful to your libido. Although there is a level of reduced inhibition for some women who drink, excess drinking can numb your sex drive as well as turn your partner off.

4. Lack of Rest Rest is extremely important for those women who are trying to improve their libido. Loss of sleep and fatigue zap away energy needed for a strong libido. Proper levels of sleep are also beneficial for cardiovascular benefits which are very important for proper libido in women as well as men.

5. Various Types of Medication Medications such as blood pressure pills, antidepressants, and oral contraceptives have been linked to reducing libido in women. If you are experiencing a loss of sex drive after starting a new medication, consult your doctor asap.

6. Weight Gain Losing a few pounds can be monumental for women suffering from a loss of libido. Self image is critical for women during intimacy. Not only will losing a few pounds improve your self esteem, women and men who exercise often benefit from an improved sex drive.

7. Depression The role of depression can be very complicated when it comes to libido loss in women. The challenge is that sometimes the depression has an onset caused by poor sexual relations or the medications for depression may be the actual cause of the sexual dysfunction. Work with your doctor to make sure that you are on the best possible regiment for depression.

8. Onset of Menopause 50% of women claim to lose their libido at the start of menopause. At this point in life, many of the above factors can collide and exacerbate matters worse. Vaginal dryness, pain, medications and lower self esteem can all work together to decreases the sexual experience.

Now that we are aware of some of the main causes of loss of libido in women, what is currently on the market that may alleviate the loss of sexual performance? To date all the clinical trials on PDE 5 inhibitors such as Viagra have not been proven effective. There currently are thousands of over the counter herbs and creams which are also proven to be useless. The most effective and promising compound for loss of sexual function in women has been found to be Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). DHEA is produced naturally by the adrenal glands and produces testosterone in men and estrogen in women. A recent clinical trial in the reputable Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy (volume 28, 2002) proved that DHEA replacement therapy was effective for improving sexual function in women. A combination of lifestyle and proper supplementation may be essential in overcoming acute or chronic loss of libido.