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Top 5 Tips from “Eat This Not That”

By now most of us are familiar with the popular series of books “Eat This Not That”. Maybe you don’t listen to the hype. Perhaps you meant to pick up a copy but are too busy. Maybe you even the whole series! We’ve scavenged the books for the top5 most important points from the “Eat This Not That” series. Below are 5 takeaways to live by, and in doing so can can boost metabolism and help you lose weight naturally. 1. Be Real with your Sweet Self – Toss Artificial Sweeteners Artificial sweeteners should be eliminated at all cost. Over the last 25 years, more and more foods are popping up claiming to be sugar free. Is it a coincidence that this increase in artificial sweeteners follows the same increase in obesity and in children? Many leading researcher point to the “artificial sweeteners “ addiction that Americans have as a direct cause of the obesity epidemic facing America. Diet sodas, sugar free type 2 diabetes foods and other so called healthy alternatives are the underlying cause of much of the new cases of obesity. Research points to the artificial sweeteners tricking the brain into believing that sugar or nutrition has arrived. Since there is actually no nutrition in the body, the brain sends out signals to the body telling it to start eating. This phenomenon is what causes us to overeat and crave foods that we normally wouldn’t. Safer alternatives can be unprocessed honey, stevia and raw sugar.

2. Dine on Unrefined… Sea Salt that is! Typical white refined sea salt is another substance that can be eliminated and replaced with unrefined sea salt. White refined sea salt sometimes has anti-caking agents which have aluminum which can lead to metal toxicity. Iodized salt sometimes includes dextrose which is used in order to prevent that salt from turning purple. Unprocessed sea salt has plenty of trace minerals that are beneficial to your body.

3. Water, Water, Water – Ditch Soft Drinks Skip the sodas, juices and coffee drinks and replace it with plenty of water. Juices, sodas and coffee based products are loaded with sugar, caffeine and other toxins which can cause tooth decay, sugar addiction, caffeine addiction, insulin resistance and insomnia just to name a few. Processed juice forms, energy drinks and soda are also loaded with calories and sugar which provide very little nutritional support.

4. Pass on Processed – Go Organic Try to eat organic when possible. The battles between organic and conventionally grown foods have been going on for decades. Organic foods are those grown with our hormones, chemicals or pesticides. Although these foods are cleaner and less contaminated, price has been the most common hindrance when switching to an organic diet. With chains such as Whole Foods increasing, the cost of organic foods is now much less than in the past. What sounds safer and healthier, eating eggs from chickens that are given hormones and antibiotics or eggs from chickens fed a clean natural diet and are allowed to roam around the range as opposed to cages? Enough said!

5. Go for the Green – Iceberg vs. Romaine Skip the iceberg lettuce and choose romaine or spinach instead. Iceberg lettuce has very little nutritional benefits when compared to greener forms of lettuce. When compared side by side, romaine and baby spinach has more fiber, iron, calcium, foliate, and vitamin c just to name a few. Although texturally different, the taste of greener leafier lettuce can be adapted to rather quickly.

These are 5 simple changes that can be done completed with very little effort and can result is fast, safe and permanent weight loss. For those wanting to include natural supplementation to assist in weight management, consider products that are DHEA and Green Tea based as both these natural products have been clinically proven to help reduce fat.

Blue Print Cleanse – Breakthrough the Hype

Is the latest craze taking over the cleanse market merely a brilliant marketing campaign launched by the creators of the Blue Print Cleanse (BPC)? Even if the marketing is inflated, does the Blue Print Cleanse really work? You be the judge.

Where did the Blue Print Cleanse Come From?

The BPC was created by two nonmedical doctors, Zoe Sakoutis and Erica Huss, in early 2000. Huss, having a background in PR, has turned simple vegetable juice into a million dollar business. The Blue Print Cleanse uses the concept that drinking nothing but vegetable juice for three days will allow you to cleanse your body of toxins, processed food and excess weight. This concept is not new. Body cleansing is a has been around for many years claiming to be able to increase your energy, improve sleep, lose weight and improve overall health. Is there any scientific data proving this? Is the hype surrounding the Blue Print Cleanse warranted? Below we will dissect the clinical data and what are experts are saying regarding the Blue Print Cleanse.

1 – Recommended By… No One The first claim that jumps out with the Blue Print Cleanse system is saying that it is “recommended by”. This is concerning as there is no medical body which has yet to support the need for alternative cleansing. What the BPC does is get snippets from various doctors which would lead most to believe that cleansing is the new panacea. As with all aspects of medicine, there are doctors who are willing to support any new practice most of which they have financial interest in. Web MD clearly states on their website that these radical fad diets have “little science supporting them”.

The science of cleansing and detox is based around the concept that drinking potions or fasting will clean out your body of toxins and processed food. There is absolutely nothing that has ever been clinically studied or proven to do such. The human body is a very advanced machine in which it is designed to self cleanse and detoxify on its own. If this actually works, why have the creators of the BPC posted any clinical data or studies proving the relevancy?

2 – 3 Day Detox & Starvation leads to Temporary Results The BPC claims to work by using an extractor to take out all the raw nutrients of fruits and vegetables. The basic cleanse package they market is based around a 3 day cleanse in which you only drink juices that they provide you. This 3 day cleanse claims to be able to detoxify your body of any toxins which are making you feel tired or causing excess weight retention. Some users claim these 3 days detox programs indeed help them lose weight and feel better. Although these 3 day cleanse programs will cause weight loss, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure than any weight loss comes from starvation which causes water and muscle loss. As soon as you start eating regular food, any modest weight loss is gained.

To support this, ABC nightline ran a story presented by Martin Bashir in which their own reporter went on the BPB plan. After 3 days of starvation and juicing, the reporter did lose 3 pounds that were quickly regained a couple of days after stopping the BPC. The reason for this is clearly stated on WebMd “One problem is that most of these detox diets are so restrictive that you can’t maintain them for long. Also, any weight loss is usually from fluid and muscle loss. You quickly regain weight once you go off the diet. Worse, especially if used long term, detox diets can cause harm.”

3 – Healthy Weight loss – Fad Free Juice Extractor There is no need to spend $70 or more on the overpriced Blue Print Cleanse. If you are looking to improve your health over the long term, a proper diet consisting of fruits and vegetables is the best way to go. Limiting the amount of sugar, fat and processed foods over the long term is what is supported by all the governing bodies of medicine. Although there are some clear benefits of drinking raw juices made from vegetables, your best bet is to invest the money you would spend on a 3 day cleanse on your own juice extractor. This method would allow you to have access to fresh juice daily which is more beneficial than any 3 day radical fast or cleanse program.